Paul Turner

Regional Vice President, UK & Ireland


Paul Turner is the Regional Vice President, UK & Ireland for CIMA. Prior to joining us in the UK in July 2015 Paul was the Head of Australasia for CIMA and was fundamental in raising the profile of the Institute and Management Accounting in Australia and New Zealand. He and his team took the market to our third largest for members globally.

Paul has developed Media and University partnerships designed to further the principles of Management Accounting in our markets and has built strong employer relationships that ensured the employability of our membership base and raised the profile of Management Accounting as a profession. Working in the UK Paul has focussed on integrating operational activity for efficiencies and delivering an outstanding value proposition to our members and students – as well as our employer and tuition provider partners.

He is driven and follows a philosophy of empowering and supporting his teams to achieve high level results and partnering with our members to benefit the Institute. Prior to joining CIMA Paul worked as a tax specialist for the Australian Taxation Office and managed the maintenance function for the Australian National Rail Maintenance department.

Paul is a motivational and inspiring leader and excels at implementing positive long-term culture change and process improvement. Paul is a graduate of the University of Western Sydney with a Master’s degree in Business and Commerce