How to submit a paper

Share experience and best practice with colleagues around the UK – submit your papers and case studies here for the 2020 ICiPS Conference.

Submission Deadline: Friday 31st January 2020.

We are seeking presentations that demonstrate the latest best practice and new research and want to hear from you about your innovative projects and studies in the field of Continuous Improvement.

Subject areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The Changing Face of Organisational Management
  • Technology and Continuous Improvement
  • Engaging Human Capital
  • Setting a Standard for Leadership
  • Who leads successful CI?
  • People and Technology: Avoiding Dysfunctional change
  • Keys to CI Success
  • HELP: How to find it and use it effectively

Reasons to submit a conference paper

  • Celebrate success and share best practice CI with colleagues around the UK and beyond
  • Receive recognition for the innovative work you are doing
  • Have the video or podcast of your presentation after the event to share with colleagues and managers
  • Demonstrate leadership in the sector by being part of the Video Box Set that CI professionals will be able to access over the coming months and years

Ready to submit your paper?

Abstract Submissions

Papers are invited to form part of the seminar programme. You may wish to design your paper as a straightforward presentation, or if your topic/project lends itself more to an interactive workshop, you need to make this very clear on your abstract submission.

Please submit your presentation via our online submission form below ensuring you clearly indicate the theme you are submitting under and whether it is a poster or paper presentation. It is useful to draft your abstract, looking carefully at the word limit of 300 words; checking grammar, spelling and structure.

By submitting your abstract, you confirm that you or your co-author will be able to attend to present at the event.

Submission Form

Presenter Consent Points

Please make sure you are happy with these before submitting.

  1. Policy Review Projects Ltd may record my presentation on film, tape, disk or other forms of media.
  2. My name, voice, likeness, and biographic or other information may be used by Policy Review Projects Ltd in connection with my presentation and/or recording. Copies of any visual aids and other materials used or provided by me may be made and distributed by Policy Review Projects Ltd in connection with the presentation.
  3. I grant to Policy Review Projects Ltd on a nonexclusive basis the right to reproduce, distribute, display, and provide recordings of my presentation and presentation materials, in whole or in part, as well as my name, voice, and likeness, by means of the Internet, via physical media, and through photographic images.
  4. To the extent my presentation or presentation materials are protected by copyright law, I reserve those rights to myself except as granted above.
  5. The presentation and presentation materials are my own original material for which I have full authority to grant the rights set forth in this Consent and Release Form.
  6. The rights set forth in this Consent and Release Form are granted on a royalty free and irrevocable basis.

For more information about the agenda and call for papers, contact Karen Stewart on or call 020 7324 4330.

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