ICiPS in a nutshell

Our story – Founded 2012 by philanthropist Debbie Simpson as the official legacy body for the work of an Efficiency and Reform Group program to embed CI. The mission was to develop a community; share knowledge; undertake research and embed standards of practice. The rest is history.

Our ethos – ICiPS work is driven by a desire to improve public services for the benefit of all, and the belief that CI competencies should be recognised in the same light as other professions.

Our Governance – Run almost entirely by volunteers, ICiPS is governed by a Board of Trustees and informed by the Customer Focus Group.

Our members – From all sectors worldwide, ICiPS has guest, professional, corporate and studying members.

Our partners – The institute works closely with universities and industry specialists.

Our standards of practice – Individuals who meet ICiPS standards become ‘Professionals’. Training courses that meet ICiPS standards become ‘Recognised’.

Our ambition – To be at the forefront of CI thinking; the primary knowledge exchange for CI; and to uphold standards of practice.

Get Involved –  ICiPS

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to be involved, please contact us or visit the ICiPS online at www.icips.org