ICiPS Conference & Awards 2020

LIVE Thursday 14th May 2020 | Park Plaza Victoria
239 Vauxhall Bridge Road | London | SW1E 1VQ

Adopting a culture of Continuous Improvement has provided the leadership behind many of the efficiency and productivity gains of the past decade that have enabled organisations to adapt, improve and survive.

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Call for Papers Deadline: Friday 31st January 2020

Former President
Society of Local Government Chief Executives
Senior Director Health, Education, and Communities
Behavioural Insights Team
Writer & Broadcaster
Policy Adviser to 2 Prime Ministers
Director of Lean
University of St Andrews

This way of working has enabled organisations to seamlessly meet emerging demands, cope with the huge change during a period of restricted or changing budgets and priorities – often within fixed institutional and limited budget lines.

Continuous Improvement can draw on decades of experience from leaderships skills to employee engagement, information management and creating and developing tools for change such as Six Sigma, Lean, Business Process Re engineering.

ICiPS has shaped Continuous improvement into a professional standard recognised as a key management & leadership skill and model for our time.

An understanding of the development of a continuous improvement culture is an essential leaderships and management capability for success in modern organisations.

This conference is for managers, leaders, trainers and individual practitioner across public services and commerce who understand that professional standards of leadership in continuous improvement need to be at the core of management, whatever stage of development the organisation.

The programme will present participants with a carefully curated set of insights and networking opportunities.

  • Developing a CI culture by adopting an Holistic approach across core disciplines including HR, procurement and finance and benchmarking success against the best in the sector.
  • Key leadership skills and insight on building a continuous improvement culture in your organisation
  • New thinking on engaging staff and people in a commitment to continuous improvement; examining insights into people engagement and behaviour change
  • Ensuring professional standards in continuous improvement
  • Set out the increasing opportunities and impact of new technology and the implications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Winners of ICIPS Awards

ICiPS Awards 2020

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